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All Mechanical Repairs

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A warrant of fitness (WoF) is a regular check that your vehicle meets required safety standards, at the time of inspection. It’s your job to keep your vehicle in warrantable condition at all times. For example, while tyres on your vehicle may pass on the day of your warrant inspection, you’ll need to replace them as soon as the tread gets to the minimum depth. If you wait until the next inspection before replacing them, you increase your risk of having a crash or receiving a fine.

How often must I get my WoF

Vehicle is less than 6 Years Old - You must get WoF every 12 months
Vehicle is more than 6 Years Old - You must get WoF every 6 months


Your Warrant of Fitness inspection must include:

  1. Tyre condition and depth
  2. Brake Inspection
  3. Structural condition rust etc
  4. Lights and bulbs are all working
  5. Window screen is safe and washers and wipers function correctly
  6. Doors for opening, shut and safety
  7. Safety belts working correctly and not faded and damaged
  8. Airbags are operational
  9. Speedometer is working
  10. Steering and suspension is safe and secure
  11. Exhaust no leaks, not loud and smoky
  12. Fuel system check

Diagnostic Scanning

Launch Scanner

Latest technology providing for European Vehicles Perform ABS brake bleeding, EPB and brake callipers retraction, air suspension re-calibration, service/maintenance resets, BCM coding and more.

Autel Scanner

All 1996 and Newer Vehicles provides easy diagnostic trouble codes and definitions causing your vehicle´s problem. Compliant to USA,European and Asian vehicles

Emission Scanner

Emission testing technology for legal and safe emission requirements of all fuels and exhaust emissions

Scope Test

For fast and easy diagnosis of vehicle faults